Sunday, February 1

10AM Worship

Children's Sermon

Message by Pastor Dwight

"A Life Worthy of the Calling You have Received"

Anthem: "Gloria in Excelsis Deo", Vivaldi

222nd Congregational Meeting, 11AM

Followed by a Meatloaf Luncheon


From Pastor Dwight

We are now in the season between the birth and the crucifixion of Jesus.  In a few, short weeks we will learn much from the brief, three year ministry of Jesus.  This is a time of great joy and hope.  In the next two months of dark midwinter, let us allow Christ to usher light into the darkness. 

Rejoice, our Light has come!

Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter



Feb. 1:  Worship Service 10AM
222nd Annual Meeting, 11AM
followed by meatloaf luncheon
Feb. 8: Worship Service, 10AM
Grandparents Day Celebration