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Worship Service/Sunday School
Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter, Pastor
Sermon:  "Listening for the Heartbeat of God"

Special Music: "Hush, Hush, Somebody's Calling My name"
Offertory Solo:  "In My Life", Lennon
performed by Bryan Gutman
Fellowship Hour to Follow


Who is Crazier? Mass Shooters or
Those Who Enable Them?


When I was a kid, Charles Manson was the evil monster unleashed in America. We talked, read, heard and watched documentaries about him for a decade.

A couple of years ago, the band, Jack's Waterfall, and I decided to gather at the Congregational Church of Patchogue to hold a Candle, Silence & Gentle Music vigil within 24 hours of each mass murder incident. We managed to do a vigil for the massacre in Newtown.  We couldn’t move fast enough to do one for the slaughter of the Pastor and others at a bible study in an historic, black church in Charleston, South Carolina. However, I have been trained by the Police Dept in how to respond to an active shooter in the church.  We soon realized that the atrocities were happening so often, we couldn't keep up.

Today we mourn Las Vegas.

It seems like only yesterday it was _____.

And tomorrow we fear it will be _____.

These multiple mass murders are crazy! Just as crazy would be our unwillingness to address access to rapid-fire weapons. That man did not throw thousands of knives down on the music festival audience in a matter of minutes. And it would be just as crazy not to look at reasons and root causes of our escalating tolerance of violence in America.

This photo is the first window you encounter upon entering Suffolk County, New York, Police Headquarters.

Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter
Congregational Church of Patchogue
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The Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter