Sunday, October 19th

10AM Worship

Message by Pastor Dwight

"You Are Invited To The Party"

Blessing of the Prayer Shawls

Anthem: "Sing Unto The Lord", Purcell

Solo:  "I"ll Walk With God", Brodsky

Soloist:  Bill Paauwe, bass

Fellowship Hour: Deacons

Bake Sale during Fellowship Hour

by our Children to raise money for their

Stewardship Donation



November 1, 10am-3pm

Each of us are like a book waiting to be read.  Who knows how it happens, but when participants of SoulCollage(R) engage in this spiritual and fun activity ~ old memories, new perspectives, and plenty of "Aha!" moments abound.  This is not a lecture.  Each of the participants are the center of their own story, which the create and share (to the degree with which they are comfortable) in the company of other women. 

To get a better understanding of how SoulCollage(R) works, please feel free to visit their website  www.soulcollage.com and view the video on their home page. 

The retreat will begin at 10am.  We will work until noon.  Lunch will be provided, then we will resume at 1pm and work until 3pm.  Tickets are $25, which includes a starter kit and lunch.  Please bring a pair of scissors and an open mind.


From Pastor Dwight

The choir is back from sabbatical, refreshed and inspired with new music to perform.  Special events begin soon, such as "United in Faith Against Family Violence" on October 8th from 9AM to 12:30PM with free admission. Pre-registration is required.  Call (631) 821-2255

As the minister, I am part of a long arc of those called and installed to serve God through the church.  As the congregation of this church ~ you too have been called to serve within the same framework.  I pray that as pastor and congregation, we gratefully accept the trust and responsibility placed in us by God to be the church of Jesus Christ, and that we may advance the mission  and ministry of this church as we continue to grow in faith and in covenant with each other.

I pray that this year we will be more than busy and entertaining.  Everything we do in the name of church should bring us closer to God, to ourselves, and to each other.

Blessings and Health,
Pastor Dwight.



Nov. 1:  SoulCollage(R) Women's Retreat, 10AM-3PM

Nov. 2:  All Saints Day Service, 10AM

Nov. 9:  Stewardship Sunday/Veterans Day Celebration