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There is both a form and a flavor to our church services. The form is that we meet at 10am every Sunday. Services last about an hour. On Sunday morning we begin with beautiful, spiritually-centering music played on either organ or piano followed by a short and moving piece by our choir.  Children stay through about a third of the service to experience and participate in an opening hymn, prayer, and a Talk with Our Children, which is an always surprising and often profound dialogue between our Minister and the children and youth with whom an opportunity to question or comment is offered, but never coerced. The children then depart to the Sunday School or stay in the service with their parent or caregiver if the parent or caregiver so chooses. A quality nursery is available for you to entrust your child to our care, or to remain in the nursery with your child until your and their level of comfort is attained.

Our Sunday morning service offers a wide variety of music that we sometimes enjoy as a presentation from the choir or guest soloist, or as participation with the congregation when we sing a wide variety of hymns and songs from different eras, cultures and countries.

The sermon is always based on Biblical stories and sayings, and occasionally also based on wisdom literature from other faiths, cultures and countries. The sermons predictably invite us to relate lessons of faith and spirituality to our personal lives and community commitments. The service provides both a place of temporary rest and sanctuary from the world; as well as a resource for being refreshed, inspired, spiritually-centered and strengthened to return to the world at the conclusion of the service.

The church follows the seasons of Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, and other Christian holidays. There are special services held throughout the year (Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Interfaith Thanksgiving Service). We observe and celebrate two sacraments: Christian baptism and Holy Communion.

Sunday Worship begins at 10:00 AM